Wooster Rooster is a lifestyle brand committed to bringing you retro fun for modern times. We love diving into the past for unique inspirations that will encourage you to be your original self. Your tastes and inspirations make you who you are, and Wooster Rooster wants to help you love the spaces you inhabit with exclusive art and apparel.

Born out of a passion for marvelous art and design, Wooster Rooster was established for you cool cats who prefer to live life off the beaten path. Reclaim your style and blaze your own trail. Wooster Rooster is for you, inspired by you, and committed to the story you have to tell the world. As original as you are.


Wooster Rooster words we live by:

The perfect t-shirt can make your day.
Surround yourself with things that make you happy.
The soft touch of fabrics that move with your body.
Design that delights the senses.
Laughter and fun every day.
Live in flow, creativity and self-expression.
Fill your walls with color and happiness.
Peace and love are the only way.